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Main objective of this proposal is to advertise the used cars and the services provided by the company via Internet. This website would be accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It will allow people who cannot get to  your premise can get the car catalog easily by browsing the website. The website will be build at free web server services, which is cost nothing, no hidden charge. By this way it is more cost effective compare with other marketing strategies for example media electronic, newspaper, magazine and etc. The main target audience;

  • Potential buyer who always drive across the premise but failed to stop to enquiry the cars catalog.
  • Internet user, most of them are young executives ages of 20 and 40.

Why a Web Site for your company?

Much like the telephone, the fax machine and home/office shopping networks, the World Wide Web (WWW) promises to become revolutionary business tool. WWW are widely use and most of efficient way to advertise your business. By making a web site for your company, even the smallest companies can market their products and services to customers across the globe. It’s like advertising your product in the world’s largest directory. It lets small companies expand far beyond their immediate region. 

Virtually anything could be published on the your company Web site but particular ideas that may be useful include:

  • Used cars catalog.
  • Company detail, for example location, contact number, contact person, faxes number, and email address.
  • Other services provided by company.
  • Other Information.

What is needed to produce the own Web site

The Web site will place at free web server provided by . So the company is no need to spend anything (FOC) for the hardware and software requirements. But it is advice the company to buy a personal computer with modem installed, so that it can be use to check the latest email send by the customers to ask the further information. The cars will also be publish at other free advertisement website likes,,, etc.. The company Web site will be promote to main search engine.

Required financial recources

In order your company  web site to be built and placed on Internet, small capital investments and a budget would have to be established for the continual running of the site.

  • RM500 (10 cars + a company web site)
  • Additional cars, only for RM25 until the cars are sold ! No hidden charge.

Prototype Web Site


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